The Long Border at No Name Nursery. Long Border.

January 2024
The Long Border

Steven Edney & Louise Dowle Allium summer beauty.

About us
Welcome to The No Name Nursery

In 2019 steve and Louise bought a parcel of land about 3 acres in size and set about creating the land and nursery they always wanted. It should be said that firstly we are gardeners, we are growers second. What do you do when your plant love gets out of hand, well you share that love and those plants with others! That’s how you end up with a nursery haha.

Its not that the nursery plays second fiddle to the land, however it was important to us that we didn’t just become a plant factory churning out plants to make money just because we know how to grow. A different thought process was in mind.

Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality (Lewis Carroll)

Firstly we created a space that we wanted to be in, we planted trees, hedges and shrubs lots of them! To create a framework and to define spaces and encourage wildlife, then we began perennial planting, grouping plants for atmosphere, fun and for community, yes that’s right plants just like people grow better when they are surrounded by friends that support each other, this and other ideas and ideals are what drives us.

Welcome to the No Name Nursery!

About us The Nursery

The Land
Nursery, sanctuary, playground

What heaven awaits us in an English garden, I have always said if you can’t find what you’re looking for then you have to make the thing you want to be part of. Find out more →

No Name Nursery. No Name Nursery.
Dahlia Persicaria Amplexicaulis.

The Nursery
Great garden plants

Steve Edney and Louise Dowle created the no name nursery out of a desire to share great garden plants with fellow garden lovers, both lou and steve are professional gardeners with steve having been the head gardener at the award winning Salutation gardens for 17 years. The new venture is set on a 3 acre site which is designed as a plant playground for growing and testing plants with the aim of sharing these plants for sale in a sustainable manner by growing on site ourselves.

We don’t want to be Pidgeon-holed into one group of plants but we have a real love of perennials and exotics so you’ll always see those on our display table plus all sorts of special plants to suit a range of situations.

We hold 4 national collections of plants. Persicaria virginiana cv’s dark leaved dahlia’s pseudopanax cv’s plectranthus

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“ Sometimes you have to create the thing you want to be part of... ”