Sustainability & Nature

Spider web. Log pile.

Our approach

Sustainability, its such a buzz word, but what does it mean. Well for us it means creating a viable (economically sustainable) business from the land, whilst at the same time improving the Environment (environmental sustainability) of the site through organic processes, planting trees, hedges, meadows and a succession of flowering plants which are attractive to insects alongside our nursery.

We make most of our own plants from seed, cutting and division of plants here at the land, planted for that purpose but in a way that allows plant communities to support each other and the nature that we share the land with.

Another important aspect of our approach is we have no plan or desire to ‘upscale’ or produce more each year from the land, instead focusing on a balanced approach so we don’t cause more harm than good at the land. Our motto is Growth for the sake of growth in is the ideology of the cancer cell, and we keep that in mind when making any plans at the land.

Bird. Moth.

Sharing the land

We are so lucky to have a piece of land to call our own and right from the beginning when we were designing the site and how it would work and look, wildlife was a huge part of how we designed the land.

Places for undisturbed long grass, a long border rich in nectar for a myriad of pollinating flying insects, log piles and buried piles of logs for grubs, bugs and beetles, hedges and trees, water, shallow and deep to suit different needs of animals, stones for lizards to bask on and thrushes to bash snails against.

We are ever watchful for new visitors, sensitive to our surroundings and always ready to learn new ideas to make the land home for far more than just us!

“ We don’t cut back our long border until March to allow insects to overwinter and birds to forage ”